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Our Fire Captain TIM OPDYCKE

has successfully demonstrated skills to mitigate the effects of wildfire, as well as knowledge of wildfire fire science, and best practices related to planning and public education and is hereby certified as a Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist
Trusted Environmental Ally

Partnership with Environmental Stewardship

Fire Ready prioritizes environmental responsibility, species protection, dynamic approaches, and proactive firebreak strategies, and is a trusted partner in municipal environmental conservation, fostering a sustainable future.

Trusted Conservation Partner: Corporate capabilities and commitment make us a trusted ally in the environmental conservation journey.

Environmental Responsibility: Committed to educating the community on sustainable practices and understanding environmental impact.

Species Protection: Focus on safeguarding indigenous animal species with meticulous monitoring.

Dynamic Approach: Engage diverse perspectives for sustainable practices and navigate grant restrictions.

Firebreak Strategies: Discuss proactive measures and collaborate with state agencies for environmental safety.
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Contact us

Whether you’re seeking wildfire risk reduction strategies, safety education, or comprehensive solutions for your community, we’re here to help.