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About Fire Ready

About Fire Ready

Founded by Tim Opdycke, an experienced firefighter, our company excels in premium tree services, encompassing consultation, public education, tree mitigation, and maintenance. Serving the Bay Area and San Francisco, our solutions champion safety and diminish wildfire risk, with a focal point on adhering to local ordinances. As leaders in fire-ready tree services, we are instrumental in nurturing resilient landscapes for safeguarding homes and neighborhoods. CSLB # 1111744

Comprehensive Solutions

Educational Initiatives

Empowerment for Fire Readiness

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Our Services

Property Assessment

Wildfire Mitigation/ Weed Abatement

Complete Tree Services

Contract Services

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Our Environmentally Conscious Tree Services

Municipality's Grant Alliance

Partnership with Environmental Stewardship

Our tree service company prioritizes environmental responsibility, species protection, dynamic approaches, and proactive firebreak strategies, and is a trusted partner in municipal environmental conservation, fostering a sustainable future.

Trusted Conservation Partner: Corporate capabilities and commitment make us a trusted ally in the municipality’s environmental conservation journey.

Environmental Responsibility: Committed to educating the community on sustainable practices and understanding environmental impact.

Species Protection: Focus on safeguarding three indigenous animal species with meticulous monitoring.

Dynamic Approach: Engage diverse perspectives for sustainable practices and navigating grant restrictions.

Firebreak Strategies: Discuss proactive measures and collaborate with state agencies for environmental safety.



I have had the pleasure of working with Fire Ready on two occasions. They performed a home assessment on my private residence, which I found to be very informative and eye opening. The second time was for a “code Compliance” issue on a vacant parcel in Orinda, Which I was representing the seller. Fire Ready performed the work both professionally and efficiently. They even provided the documentation from the MOFD stating it was now in compliance and eligible for sale. I highly recommend Fire Ready!

Diane P.


Working with Tim Opdycke of Fire Ready was a breeze! We felt that we were in the best hands possible with his experience as a Fire Captain. Who would know better about what is needed for fire safety? Tim was very responsive and did an excellent job for our clients. Tim even took care of getting the compliance letter for us. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tim Opdycke and Fire Ready! Excellent work!

Soraya G.


Fire Ready is fantastic, and I highly recommend them! I sell real estate in the Lamorinda area of the East Bay, where sellers are required to make sure their homes are fire safe at close of escrow. Tim Opdycke, a local firefighter, is always my first call whenever a property needs evaluation and clearing. Tim is personable, organized, efficient, experienced and knows precisely what it takes to make a home safe. His team is wonderful - reliable, courteous, and always friendly. They are also able to consult with homeowners in creating a fire safe environment. Fire Ready is a huge asset to our community, and I cannot thank Tim enough for his hard work and creating such an important, essential company.

Terri W.

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Contact us

Whether you’re seeking wildfire risk reduction strategies, safety education, or comprehensive solutions for your community, we’re here to help.